The 1st Workshop on Middleware for Context-Aware Applications in the IoT (M4IOT 2014)

14:00-15:30 Opening Session

- 5mn Introduction and Welcome

- 45mn Keynote: Towards Middleware for IoT: Challenges and Capabilities, Thais Batista

“The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm enables smart objects actively collaborate among them and with other physical and virtual objects to perform high-level tasks for the benefit of final users. Many challenges arise in this context, mainly in terms of interoperability among several heterogeneous devices from a variety of manufacturers, and the need of handling a large amount of sensible data transmitted through the network. Several works rely on a middleware layer to meet the design and implementation challenges and to facilitate the development of multiple value-added applications. This talk focuses on discussing the challenges faced by the middleware for IoT community and the ongoing initiatives to provide capabilities to tackle the challenges.”

14:50-15:30 Session 1 – Interoperability and Sharing

- 20mn Paul Grace, Justan Barbosa, Brian Pickering and Mike Surridge.

Taming the Interoperability Challenges of Complex IoT Systems

- 20mn Jef Maerien, Sam Michiels, Christophe Huygens, Danny Hughes and Wouter Joosen. Enabling resource sharing in heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:00 Session 2 – Context Awareness

- 20mn Pierrick Marie, Léon Lim, Atif Manzoor, Sophie Chabridon, Denis Conan and Thierry Desprats. QoC-Aware Context Data Distribution in the Internet of Things

- 20mn Wenyan Hu, Xiping Hu, Junqi Deng, Chunsheng Zhu, Edith C. H. Ngai, Victor C. M. Leung and Georgios Fotopoulos. Mood-Fatigue Analyzer: Towards Context-aware Mobile Sensing Applications for Safe Driving

- 20mn Keling Da, Philippe Roose, Marc Dalmau and Joseba Novado. Kali2Much: A context middleware for autonomic adaptation-driven platform

17:00-17:30 Closing Session

- 25mn Discussion and Reflection

- 5mn Closing Remarks